Meet The Stranger

Who am I?

You probably asked the same question yourself. I did a couple of times as I struggled to come up with a decent biography about myself. The truth is, most of the time, We don’t know. We don’t know ourselves too much to the point of not knowing how to describe ourselves in one word. This leads us to the unending quest of trying to know what our purpose is. What am I here for? Honestly speaking, i think the answers may be less more divine. I thought, like the cure to chili is it’s own leaf, maybe the question itself is it’s own answer. Maybe we are bound to never ever know. We are destined to walk this earth forever as strangers.

A sense of wonder.

Apart from wisdom. One of the best gifts the universe bestowed upon us is our sense of wonder. Sadly enough though, most of us rush to outgrow the sense of adventure we had when we we’re little. As years pass us by, we become less carefree, we have forgotten how to cry when we’re sad and to laugh out loud when we are happy just because we pride ourselves too much on how we have “grown”. Life already gave us clues early on, but they were too little to be noticed. We we’re all too young to appreciate and now feel too old to relive. But are we really too old and is it really too late? There are way too many standards in this world but life itself doesn’t have any. No one really knows exactly when they die so it is pointless to have a schedule, you are free to set your own timeline.

A bigger playground.

We used to run in the fields freely. We all knew exactly how to feel infinite. We never cared when we we’re young. Being chased by a dog or dancing in the rain naked and happiness was never wrapped in a box. We used to be wild but not as wild as we imagine ourselves doing the same things as adults. The words “stop acting like a kid” hurts us as if there is something wrong with being a child. Alot of things around us have changed. Happiness is now always wrapped in plastic. The fields are now parking lots and the dogs have to have papers (and the occasional vaccination). An awful lot of things have changed but you don’t have to surf that same tide. As adults, we should be responsible enough to be able to raise the kid in all of us. But it’s time to bring that kid to a bigger playground. The playground is now the world.  

As adults, we should be responsible enough to care for the kid in all of us.

It's time to look at things in a different angle. This was me, climbed up the ceiling of our surf hut and took this photo.

It’s time to look at things in a different angle. This was me climbing up to the ceiling of our hut to get a better view of the strangers who welcomed us and even invited us to sleep in their hut. Kindness, makes these surfers sleep well at night.

It’s time to talk to strangers. goes back to the roots and explores the world in the eye of a child. To let that kid grow up as the stranger your mom warned you about. Learn to talk to that stranger once in a while and ask what he hasn’t done yet. The stranger starts to know his limitations after he breaks them. Change the scene. Behave differently. Take a new route. Walk backwards. Jump off a cliff. Watch others jump. Go somewhere scary. Shut down your gadgets and just look, listen, smell and feel. wishes to inspire people to think differently about themselves by walking with an open mind and believes that the best way to do is to step out of your comfort zone. Go to places you have never been before, Alone. Meet new friends. Sit down with a local. Hitchhike. Ride on the roof of a bus. Climb a tree. The more you see, the more you want to see. The more you see, the less you think your way is the only way.

The Stranger

To further pursue my fresh new mindset. I will not be using my real name. I want to only known as Junior or a.k.a: The Stranger and will start acting like one as I wonder and wander. Be unknown and understand better. Step back and appreciate life from a different view. Learn a new culture and know yourself better. Laugh hard, walk farther, move further, make mistakes and try again because you now have a new and better excuse: “I’m just a stranger”. Now quit facebook, pack your bags and go!

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